Working together to improve healthcare

Bringing ideas and expectations together.

What I do

Facilitating and supporting collaboration and co-creation between the stakeholders in healthcare is in the center of what I do. Improving access to healthcare and better provision of care is always the goal. I work directly with the patient advocacy community, the industry, and authorities such as HTA agencies and regulators to develop coordinated answers to todays demanding issues in healthcare.

We all have a piece of the puzzle

Healthcare is complicated. Science, policies, finance and culture have to work together, seamlessly to ensure that people can access the care they need, when they need it. Improvements come from working together, across all the stakeholder groups involved in healthcare. Each of us has a piece of the puzzle, and each of us has expertise, evidence, opinions and expectations to add to the efforts. Those with diseases and conditions have unique knowledge about the impact on their lives, and the improvements they want to see. Those developing new science have expertise that can unlock new ways of treating disease. Those governing healthcare and medicines have unique perspectives on how to assess new science to make sure it brings meaningful benefits and value.

Advances come from understanding these different perspectives and the value they bring to our evolving healthcare. We need to bring ideas and expectations together. We need to combine knowledge from multiple sources, and often we need to challenge our views by recognising the point of view of others. Ultimately, we will be successful when we build future healthcare around the insights and expectations of those who need it.

By working and building trust across all the main stakeholder groups, I foster shared goals in healthcare that respect the unique knowledge, insights and perspectives of all of us involved.

The kind of work I do

  • Consulting to ensure patient involvement is part of the industry’s strategy on bringing new science to patients
  • Working with decision making bodies such as HTA to improve processes for patient involvement
  • Training and education to the patient community on how to engage and bring patient evidence to healthcare decision-makers
  • Facilitation of advisory board and multi-stakeholder meetings to co-create new approaches to address specific healthcare challenges
  • Developing tools, resources and guidance for multiple stakeholders to foster a systematic and meaningful engagement with patients